Day by Day (2012)

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You can also see where our the sleeping places will be (approximately) on evil g$$gle maps
Ver Biketour 2012, Sleeping places en un mapa más grande


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  2. Hei, I am planning to join you, can you conrtact me or how I can do? THank you in advance, salut, Susanna

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  4. Eoo…Susanna , I´m planning to go there on 28th to Montpelier. I will go from BCN to Montpelier, then as you say ”salut” may be are you catalan like me?? write me if you whant.
    See you!

  5. Hi! I’m simona from asti, Italy. I see you may stop here for a wild camp…do you have contacts here to organise, or do you need help? I’ll be happy to help, and involve my biker freinds as well!! I may join you next year, it’s a great idea!

  6. i’m inspired by your trip! it’s a lot like ours, but much more planned in advance. we traveled by bike from Germany through Asia two years ago, with a tuba and accordeon and lots of other instruments. now the group has changed but the energy is still high to continue riding through eastern europe until we get to Istanbul (or someplace else slightly warm) for the winter. so if you want to join a cycling circus, which is more like a family on wheels, and visit squats and eco projects in the Balkan area after your trip ends in September, give us a hollar!
    tyle, 2wheels4change (

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  8. Hi I am about to head off on a world wide trip with my bicycle. I would love to catch up next summer.

    I was wondering – the camping areas on the map – can you stay there year around?

    Thanks – love from Australia

  9. They’re not really campsites, just places to stay, were the biketour coordinators found hosts. It could be that they dont mind hosting you aswell, but then again, it would be better to contact them before you plan to crash there…
    See also


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