Squatted villa, rescued food and public art performance – Biketour in Vigo

Our sleeping place in Vigo was the amazing Quinta de Carminha squat, a big mansion so luxurious that it has stone lions greeting you at the entrance. But not just luxurious from the outside, it also greeted us with a hot shower, a big kitchen, big communal spaces, an internet room, and some beds to sleep inside.

Our main activity on the second day was an evening action in the city centre. We dumpster-dived lots of food, picked a public square, and presented the food there to give away for free.

The signs say: “This food, which is in perfect state, was thrown out by the supermarkets. One third of food is thrown away. 1 billion people live in hunger.” “Free dumpster-dived food which they throw away in the supermarkets. Wash before eating.”

Around the food we performed different forms of arts to draw more attention (and to have more fun). People were drawing, doing acrobatics, dancing, juggling, singing and making music, and some people were even doing acrobatics, juggling and making music at the same time.

Lots of passers-by stopped to read the signs and to watch our unusual performances. Few of them took something, and those who did looked like they already go dumpster-diving regularly, but anyways the action gave us the feeling that we interacted with the locals and spread our message in a positive way.

Back in the squat, we had a discussion about the topic of “Queer”, where we shared with each other our different understandings of the word and discussed in small groups about different questions connected to the topic.

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