Biketour in Tampere (last year)

On the 11th of September, we arrived in Tampere. Our sleeping place was the social and art centre Hirvitalo.

Tampere is a city surrounded by lakes, and on one of them, really close to Hirvitalo, some people had built a floating sauna with a glass roof from which you can see across the lake. The highlight was when we saw the northern lights over the lake while having a sauna.

There was not much programme in Tampere. On the way to Tampere we slept next to a really freaky sculpture park in the middle of a forest. Some of us saw a white elk, which is really rare.

No one took any photos in Tampere, but here is a photo of another elk that we saw on the way (most of us actually didn’t see any elks on the whole tour, which is strange, as it is not very likely to see more northern lights than elks when traveling in the south of Scandinavia).


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