Song of Can Decreix

In the loneliness of the afternoon in Can Decreix I wrote a song, inspired by the feelings while greeting and hugging friends with whom we have been sharing a good piece of road…

here it is:

People go and people come
on the way to Perpignan
people come and people go
Can Masdeu seems months ago

Broken spokes and off-road paths
chickpeas bottles, bunches of nuts
yummy-cakes-thieves on the run
scottish dances are such a fun

Fruit and veggies from the trash
that’s the menu at Can Decreix
grand massages, swedish tales
supper’s ready bring the plates

Flute’s notes in the morning dew
rests of dinner to be chewed
the tail is waiting, the scouts go on
melon melon… sabroson sabroson!

Fill the trailers, check the load
once again we hit the road
blowing wind and shining sun
bikers go and bikers come

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