Autumn meeting (2015)

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From Friday, November 28th to Monday, December 1st, we will meet at the Makvärket collective not far from Kopenhagen, Denmark, to set up the preparation structure, share knowledge and make the necessary decisions. Everyone is welcome to join, there is no obligation to take over a lot of tasks in the process. Further details on how to participate in the meeting, also possibly over the internet, will be posted here soon. Contact us and write yourself into the Travel group list if you are interested.

Please spread the word, as we want to get as many people involved in the process. A flyer will be posted here soon that you can lay out in social centres anywhere in Europe and beyond.

How to get there

Makvärket is located here, 3 km south of Knabstrup, 75 km west of Copenhagen.

By train from Copenhagen

Knabstrup is connected to the train network, you can search for trains here. The ticket from Copenhagen costs 15 € (the exchange rate is 1 EUR to 7.44 DKK) and there are trains once an hour from 04:30 to 0:30 (those in the late evening seem to be train replacement buses). Here is a map of the railway network, Knabstrup is located between Holbæk and Kalundborg.


Knabstrup is on the National Road 23 that connects Copenhagen in the East of the island with Kalundborg in the west. The best thing is probably to be dropped of at this intersection, where the more eastern of the two roads to Knabstrup head off. From there, instead of walking north into Knabstrup, you walk south on Knabstrupvej until you see a big farm (?) with several buildings and the road makes a 90 degree left turn. Just after that, there is a right turn (Teglværksvej), on which you walk, always straight, for about 900 metres, until the end. Then you reach Makvärket.

Coming from central Europe, you will be going on the E20 over the Great Belt Bridge, and need to find someone who goes off the motorway towards the north. There are two options: There is a petrol station right after the bridge where you can get off and find drivers that go to either Kalundborg (from where you can take a train to Knabstrup) or towards Holbæk. The other option is to be dropped off at Sorø exit (number 37) and wait there with a thumb or a sign towards Holbæk (there seems to be good spot right north of the exit). Then either go into Holbæk and take a train from there (direction Kalundborg, 2 stops, once an hour), or you get dropped off just after Kvanløse, where the road meets the motorway 23. There seems to be space for cars to stop (is that even a hitchhiker there?), so it should be possible to get away with a thumb or a sign towards Jyderup. Then get dropped off at the first exit towards Knabstrup and follow the directions above.

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