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The Route

This section comes with no warranty whatsoever. Things will still be evolving 'til the last minute, so expect the unexpected.

we, 30.6. vienna
preparation workshop in alternative bike repairshop in the WUK, 

th, 1.7. vienna - wolkersdorf 
10.00 artistic action "car destruction" 

14.00 official start with lots of people 
30 km to wolkersdorf as demonstration against various motorways
planned around vienna 

fr, 2.7. 
Wolkersdorf-Novy Prerov (60 km) 
visit to projects in the village (wine cellar), staying at a farm. 

sa, 3.7. 
Novy Prerov- Cizov (60 km) 
camping close to national park 

su, 4.7. 
Cizov - Slavonice (51 km) 
Staying at a goat farm 

mo, 5.7. Slavonice 
resting day, working on the farm 

tu, 6.7. 
Slavonice - Veseli nad Luznici (66 km) 

we, 7.7. 
Veseli nad Luznici - Sedlec Prcice (72 km) 

th, 8.7. 
Sedlec Prcice - Prague (67 km) 

fr, 9.7. 
Rest/action day 
and a smashing action. I think a naked/body painted bike ride would be
How do people feel about that? 

sa, 10.7. 
Prague - Roudnice (75 km) 

su, 11.7. 
Roudnice - Decin (70 km) 

mo, 12.7 
Decin -Dresden 

tu, 13.7 Restday in Dresden 

we, 14.7: Dresden - Wittichenau 

thu,15.7: Wittchenau - Cottbus/ Peitz 

fri,16.7: Peitz - Alt Schadow 

sa, 17.7: Alt Schadow - Fürstenwalde 

su, 18.7: Fürstenwalde - Berlin 

mo 19.7 - th. 22.7 berlin 
towards carfree cities conference 

fr 23.7. - su 25.7. 
more unfilled space in eastern germany 

su 25.7.- tu 27.7 Wendlandsommercamp - Gedelitz 
A camp with about 100 participants with lots of workshops and cultural
activities. It is located near the nuclear waste deposit in the Wendland
where lots of those famous nuclear waste transports are ending. 

tu 27.7 Gedelitz - Bleckede 

we 28.7. Bleckede - Lüneburg 
We can sleep in a gym organized by a local group of environmentalists.
Probably there will be an action for more reflective consumption. Beside
this the German government is constructing a new motorway near Lüneburg
and people are protesting. 

th 29.7. Lüneburg - Schneverdingen 

fr 30.7. Schneverdingen - Zeven 
We are going to sleep at an ecological farm. 

sa 31.7 Zeven - Bremen 

su 1.8. restday in Bremen 
an action (probably against conventional coffee) and party at a
alternative caravan site. 

mo 2.8. Bremen - Oldenburg 
nice city 

tu 3.8. Oldenburg - Cloppenburg 
A beautiful museum village about the old life in nothern Germnay. 

we 4.8. Cloppenburg - Damme 
A place with a beautiful forest. 

th 5.8. Damme - Bippen: 
Ecology education centre with a barn to sleep and a stone oven to use. 

fr 6.8. Bippen - Nordhorn 

sa 7.8. Here starts the Dutch Hole, 200km not planned yet, but the hole
is not as deep as the German hole, because we have already people, who'd
like to start to work on it, but haven't yet. Please contact us, if you
feel inspired to help here. 

fr 13.8. ???? ECOTOPIA, gornichem 

  Last updated 4 July 2004