Ecotopia Biketour Is Coming To Town

A group of 50 cyclists from all over Europe will arrive in (name of the town) on (date). The cyclists started their travel in Vienna and are on their way to Gorinchem in the Netherlands, where the annual ecological festival like "Ecotopia Gathering" is taking place.

Apart from reaching Ecotopia in an environmentally friendly way, the aim of the Biketour is to show the world that cycling is more than just recreation. It is also a means of transport, even for long distances. The participants want to point out the many disadvantages of the endless growth of car-based traffic and at the same time show the most sustainable alternative. The group does not need any support vehicles, because tents, cooking pots and everything else they need is taken on the bikes and in trailers.

In Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and The Netherlands the Biketour is making contact with local groups that are working on traffic and environmental issues in their area. They welcome the bikers and often offer them a place to sleep. In cooperation with the local group, activities are being organised, like discussions, workshops and actions, focused on the promotion of sustainable transport and a sustainable way of living. Participants who are active in environmental organisations all over Europe and local activists get the possibility to exchange knowledge and experiences.

The biketour is also passing through several cities, where actions are being organised. Some highlights of the tour are the symbolic destruction of a car in Vienna, a bodypainted bikeride in Prague and visiting the Towards Carfree Cities conference in Berlin.

The idea of the biketour was born in 1989. Visitors to Ecotopia wanted to reach this special place in a special environmentally-friendly way. Now the biketour has grown into an event in itself, organised by volunteers every year. The organisation during the tour is in the hands of all participants, who make decisions and divide tasks together. Everybody who is interested in participating, whether it is for several days or for six weeks, can join.

  Last updated 31 May 2004