30.6. Vienna
telephone for (only during) Austria: 0043(0)69911163794 

The programme in vienna starts on the 30.6. with the possibility to
check your bike in the alternative bike workshop, where some experienced
people can show you how to make your bike fit for the coming 2000 km and
where you will find a large collection of used parts for cheap prices.
It will be open only for us from 10 to 3, and after that we will have to
share it with its normal customers. So come early, if you have got a lot
to do ! There is also the possibility to buy new parts for reduced
prices at the very friendly but also quite expensive bikeshop

Follow the link at the bottom to find a map of the region with the WUK
in the circle. You will find the bike workshop in the back entrance at
your left after you crossed the yard. Today we should also find the time
to produce our first t-shirts. 

Certainly you are welcome to come earlier to vienna, but please tell us
in advance to arrange sleeping places. We will need help with all those
small things popping up in the last minute, or you could use the time
monday and tuesday from 3 to 7 to work in the workshop and maybe, build
your bike from the parts in there. You will find all necessary parts in
the workshop, but note, that this takes time and you will not manage to
build a bike only on wednesday. 

To find the WUK look at this map,
the address is Währinger Straße 59. In general, is a great site for maps in
vienna, but it is only in german. There are also quite a lot of free
maps distributed at train stations etc. 

1.7. Vienna - Wolkersdorf 

On thursday we will also start early, at 10 o'clock in the WUK, with a
artistic car destruction action. It will be centered around the theme:
"We confront the violent senselessness of today's traffic policies with
the senseless violence of a car destruction." With our bikes we will
pull a car through the main streets of Vienna, and then we will
transform it in the yard of the WUK with sledge hammers. That will be
part of a performance, which will peak in senseless violence and
electronical amplived noise feedback, and then come down to the creation
of some other use of this block of metal as music instrument or art
object. All input is welcome, please post your suggestions on the email

After lunch we will start at 2 o'clock in the WUK. The first day it will
only be 30 km, but we want to have quite some people from vienna joining
us to protest with us against the planned extension of the street to
brno in to the A5, the motorway connection from vienna to Prague. 

We'll be welcomed in Wolkersdorf by the citizens initiative against the
A5 "Rosa Igel" or pink hedgehog with cake and drinks, see two films
about future base wein/4 activities and can then have a shower. We will
sleep in the "roegner schottergrube" and for people coming late that
evening from vienna, it is best to tke the s-bahn to Seyring, we will
mark the way from the station and from the main square in wolkersdorf
with biketoursigns - b's with arrows. 

2.7. Wolkersdorf - Neudorf 80km 

We'll cycle our last day in Austria through a nice, slightly hilly
landscape, famous also for its wine production. 
We can sleep in Neudorf bei Staatz hwich is 8 km in the east of Laa. 
There is an organic farmer there and we can put up our tents on 
his land. There is water and a toilet. 
We will meet a group of people from poysbrunn who are working against
the a5 (highway)too. 
They invited us for 15.00 to a picknick next to the brünner straße at 
km 55.8. It's where the brünner straße reaches it's highest point in
this area there. And it's where you can get of of the brünnerstrasse to 
Herrnbaumgarten (east) or falkenstein (west). 
So we will have a picknick there with transparents/Banners. 
Then we can ride on the 10 km to Neudorf bei Staatz where we will 
The adress of the farm: 
Neudorf 157 

It is opposite of the church 


telephone for Czech Republic, (outside Czech just smssing): 
Roeland: (00420) 777/687926 

fr, 2.7 arrival in Neudorf 

sa, 3.7. 
Neudorf- Cizov (60 km) 

Contact info: 
National Parc Podyjí 
Adresa: NA VYHLÍDCE 5 
669 02 Znojmo 
Tel.: 515 22 67 22 

Camping in Cizov, close to national park Podyji, which will be nice to
How to find it: Ask in Cizov for Narodniho Parku. 
We can make a campfire to cook, there are 2 toilets and 1 shower, there
is electricity but no drinking water. There is no bike repair shop
closeby. (one in Znojmo, but closed during the weekend)There are also no
farms closeby to get local food. 
costs: 40 Kr. per person (1.30 E) 

su, 4.7. 
Cí.ov - Slavonice (51 km) 

Contact info: 
Hana Langová 
Adresa: Penikov 21, 
378 81 Ceský Rudolec 
Tel.: 384 496 132 

It is a small organic farm, with about 20 goats, a horse and a fish
pont, with beautiful surroundings. Some people can sleep at the farm,
others in tents and there are showers and 3 toilets. We can make a fire
to cook. 
The farm is 10 km from Slavonice. Go to Cesky Rudolec and ask for the
way, it should be 1.5 km from there. We can buy goat dairy products at
the farm, there is no farm closeby to get vegetables. 
Interesting things for sightseeing: 
Closeby are the historical settlement Pfaffenschlag, a historical vodní
pila, .dog cemetry. (?), castle Land.tejn, úzkokolejná trat J.Hradec-
N.Byst?ice, castle Dacice, slovnické podzemí a ve., atd. 

costs: 50 Kr. per person (1.60 E) 

mo, 5.7. 
resting day, working on the farm 
We will have the possiblity to participate in life on an organic goat
farm. Working is voluntary. 

costs: 50 Kr. per person (1.60 E) 

tu, 6.7. 
Slavonice - Veseli nad Luznici (66 km) 
Contacts from the municipality. 
nám. TG Masaryka 26/I 
39181 Veselí n. Lu.nicí 
tel: 381 548 180 
Contact person: Marie Hadravová 

We will be camping near the village and there are toilets and showers.
Closeby the camping place is a hotel where we could use internet. 
How to find it: In the village is a big new bridge, opposite there is a
yellow hotel and there will be the camp. 
If we call some days in advance, they can organise organic vegetables
from farmers closeby (10 km) for us. We can also buy local cheese. 
There should be a bike shop closeby, adres: namesti T.G. Masarykova 18,
tel: 381 582 019 
In the evening we can enjoy a ´typical Czech´ country music vecer, that
will be organised for us. 
costs: 0 

we, 7.7. 
Veseli nad Luznici - Sedlec Prcice (72 km) (p) 
Organisation: .eský Merán o.p.s. 
Contact person: Jaroslav Krejci 
adres: ulice Generála Svobody 
Sedlec, 257 91 
Tel 604 209 564 

Sleeping in a sport stadium. There is a bike shop closeby. No ecofarms
A tourist trip to Cesky Meran is recommended, to enjoy beautiful nature
How to find it: shouldn´t be hard, Sedlec Prcice is quite small. 
costs: 30 Kr (1 E) 

th, 8.7. 
Sedlec Prcice - Prague (67 km) 
In Prague the group will be split up. About 30 people can sleep at Bila
Vrana, the others can stay on a camping site. 

fr, 9.7. Prague 

We will gather at Bila Vrana, where a part of the biketour will be
staying. Hopefully lots of Prague activists will be joining us. 

Accompanied by music, we will prepare ourselves for the ride, by 
Painting bodies. 
Decorating bikes. 
Fabricating music instruments. 

17.30 Start of the Bodypainted Bikeride 
As a colourful, musical cycling celebration we will go through Prague. 
We will show the people who are waiting in their cars the happiness and
freedom of biking! 

19.30 Afterparty. People can wipe off their paint and enjoy some music
and food. 
The ride will end in Kafarna na kus reci -(park) Bezrucovy sady 1 (near
by Jiriho z Podebrad), where we will have a nice dinner at 20:30
outside which will be prepared for us. 

sa, 10.7. 
Prague - Roudnice (75 km) 
Staying at a camphill-community 
costs: 0 

su, 11.7. 
Roudnice - Nebocady (70 km) Fixed 
accommodation: Formule (hotel and camping place together) 
and they can offer us the camping place - 
60,- kc/person + 60,- kc/small tent, 
bikes are for free. 
WC+showers+swimming pool for free and also fire places. The place is 
easy to find - village is called Nebocady, it is about 9 km from Decin 
to Usti, on the quiet side of the river, not where is the motorway and 
where the qiuck train goes :o) 
Here is the web page, (also in german) 

mo, 12.7 Nebocady -Dresden 

Route description Dresden- Cottbus- Peitz- Berlin 

Please note: This route is chosen by Jens Janeck, who will unfortunately
not be cycling with us. 
We greatly appreciate his dedicated work for the Bread&Water Tour 2004. 

Monday 14 July, Dresden-Wittichenau / Wittichenau: 76km from

We will arrive in Dresden on Monday 12th of July and we will have a
Resting day on the 13th. 
The 14th we should leave early and well rested because the distances for
the following days are what we made our legmuscles ready for in the last
two weeks! 

The distance is measured from station Dresden Neustadt. We are going
from the station to the North direction .EuropCAR. and we orientate
ourselves by the railway. We will encounter a big crossing which you
will cross. First street to the right and than left again-
Schönbrunnstrasse. This street you will drive till the end. than to the
right into the .Bischofsweg.- a street with tramrails. Than you cross a
junction with traffic lights. Stay on the Bischofsweg till you find a
grassfield and a church. Behind the grassfield take a left.
(Bischofswerdaer str. or Kamenzer str.) In every case, you have to get
down and leave the church on your left. You have to ride into the
Bischofswerdaer str. (a road with a dead end but not for bikes, it will
be on the signs) 
You bike into the direction of Priessnit-waterfall through the Dresdener
Heide. The easiest way is next to the waterfall untill the restaurant
Heidekrug (or something like that) and than through Hofewiese to
Langebruck (By the restaurant is a small Motor vehiclefree asphalt
road). In Langebruck you go straight till a mainstreet and than to the
right under a railwaybridge, straight, the next street half right
(kirchstr) stay on this street till you see a sign saying Schonborn/
Seifersdorf. In Schonborn by a restaurant straight on, immergrade aus,
Primo! Than it goes quite nice downhill but also up again to
Seifersdorf. there you come to a big street. you go left and immediately
to the right towards Wachau. In Wachau very down and by the 1st junction
to the left direction Lomnitz . 4km. Now the choise is yours . Or you
take a field raod behind the highway to Kleindittmannsdorf . The way
isn.t really nice to bike. In Kleindittmannsdorf you drive to the right
into the place and than you go quite up to Grossnaundorf. But with a
bigger group it is better to bike via Lomnitz and than to Grossnaundorf.
IN Grossnaundorf you just have to pay attention, cause you will mistake
fast the main street. In everycase, you have to go into direction
Oberlichtenau- one time left and right again. 
In Oberlichtenau (in Czech Horni Svetla) It goes quite down and pay
attention! By a pont left, direction Koningsbruck, but the way is
streamed . you an get through, cause trafficlights arrange the through
going traffic. At some point you will reach Reichenbach and there by a
church to the right to Hasslich. In Hhasslich directlythe first junction
to the left direction Brauna. Via Schosdorf you will enter Brauna and by
a big street you bike 1st right than left to Liebenau. 
In Liebenau you go left to Bernsdorf. If you want action in Kamenz, you
have to go to the right and eventually back again. 
The next goal is called Cunnersdorf and follow there just the signs from
the Froshradweg. Pay attention in Biehla . obstacle: a fence where you
have to go through with your bike.. Than you get to Liebegast. By a pont
you don.t go to the right with the Froshradweg, but to the left. keep on
biking and about 1km behind Liebegast you will come to a junction, there
you will turn right on a biketrail into the direction Wittichenau.
Wittichenau: 76km from Dresden-Neustadt. 

Our accomodation is planned in a scouting building in Wittichenau. 
by, kulturhaus - energieversorgung 
spoke with Martin Klimank 
tel: 0049 (0)35725/70808 
Price max 2 euro p/p 

Thuesday 15 July, Wittichenau- Cottbus/Peitz: 70km 
From Wittichenau you bike the Froschradweg again. Pay attention in
Drogenhausen you enter a 30zone street and over a bridge you go left.
Than you will enter Gross Neida, PAY ATTENTION again, cause on the right
side there is a tree with a sign on it and by the next T-junction you
have to turn left. 
You are approaching Hoyerswerda. If you want action in Hoyerswerda dont
go with the Froshradweg just before the railway--> go Straight on till
you drive past the church and find the market place. 
In every case you have to get back onto the froshradweg. Drive like
this: Spremberger STr., Alte Berliner str., Than A street which I forgot
about to the left and again to the right into the Kathe Kirchheimer
Str., Straight over the Erich-Weinert-Str. Grossmull Str (or Something
Like that) and than Kuhnichter str. In every case you have to go into
the direction Kuhnicht just before the end of Hoyerswerda the route goes
left into a road. In Burghammer(second place to Hoyerswerda you bike
into a 30 zone, left into Kirchstrasse 1-19. About 16 km behind
Hooyerswerda down, keeping the direchtion to the right under a bridge
and than you will get on the Spreeradweg. Folow the signs towards
Spremberg and Cottbus. 
Pay Attention Before Cottbus you pass a map . about 1.6 km you will go
dangerously downhill ( my dictaphone didn.t survive it! Thats why Im
writing everything from the Head) 
Now Hold your head down, cause the next bridge has a riding through
hight from 1.80-2.00 meters more far you get from your bike and walk
stairs over an old bridge. 
You will get good through Cottbus, the signs are small but you will
recognise them. if you wanna go to Lacoma keep the direction Peitz.
Peitz is also a place where I thought that you could sleep. 
and we will sleep at Lacoma a threathened!: 
Lacomaer Dorfstrasse 12, D 03053 Lacoma 
Telefon: 0355 / 860484 
Lacoma Is situated Northe-east from Cottbus, directly on the B 97 to
Peitz, only ca. 5 km from the citycenter. 
we will use the Spreeradweg and by the Saspower Bridge we turn into the
direction Osten. 
Emergency or arrival option: (tram) Straßenbahn Line 4 till Neu
Schmellwitz, about 3 km walkway through Saspow to Osten. 

16 July, Peitz - 18 July Berlin 
In Peitz you go on the market direction Frankfurt oder, the street is
called Frankfurter Chaussee. Behind an abbandonned traject you go to the
right. attention, the Railwaycrossing is hard to see and the road you
need is easy to miss.. Bike into the direction Burg/ Spreewald. After 9
km you see the dike where you have to get on and than you are on the
Spreeradweg, go to the right and now the road is free till Berlin. 

16 July, Peitz - Alt Schadow 98!KM 
Camping "nord" Alt Schadow 
tel: 0049 (0)35473/621 
hauptstrasse 31 
15910 Alt Schadow 
3 euro per tent and 3 euro per person. 

17 July, Alt Schadow - Fürstenwalde 80KM 
Camping Forsthaus an der spree (kersdorfer sleuse) 
spoke with Frau Stiegemann and Herr Ziechmann 
tel: 0049 (0) 33607/59915 
3 euro p/p 5 euro per tent.... I guess we have to talk to the people
about their prices for big sustainable traveling internationals...:) But
better to have something than nothing? 

18-21 July, Berlin "Towards Carfree Cities IV
The program for our stay in Berlin will be pretty much like this: 
2. rooms for participants biketour: 
max. ~50 places in Gym at Chausseestr. 96 (this is the Gym on the
"Carfree" site on the area so called "former Stadium of the World
Youth"), see location link (city map cut out)
- there is the possibility to play beachvolleyball on the site (not for
free, see ) 
- MH signs a contract with the HU staff about keys and more (tomorrow or
next days). 
- we get the keys from Mr. Hentze (staff of Gym, phone: 030-2826225,
best at ~12:00 daily). I will meet him next days and check the rooms
there. In the gym are 6 separated rooms, 6 showers and toilets for each
gender etc, and everything with keys. That means: safety place for all
baggage. Best: There is no sport action during the day, so the gym is
totally free since July 17. 
- more about after meeting him and when I have the contract. Of course I
need your (RG/RK) confirmation that you overtake responsibility for your

for cooking we will have to rent a electrical cooker or arrange
something with WCN. 

21.7 Berlin - Brädikow: about 68km 
7. Karinenhof-Pension FIXED:) Bed&Bike 
Dorfstr. 25, 14641 Brädikow 
Tel. 03 32 37/8 87 07, Fax 03 32 32/3 55 79 
3euro per person on a meadow 
toilet, water and possibility to make a fire. 
showers depends on if the woman has got guests in her pension, or else
we could get 2 rooms where we can use the shower. 
the havelland route till before Senzke,(this should be at the edge of a
nature reserve.)When comming from Berlin we drive in Paulinenaue in
direction Brädikow. 

(### i think, it is nice to go on the northbank of the havel. as a lake
in a big city it will have a bikelane and later we can follow the
havelbiketrail. this way would be a bit hillier, but along real river,
while the one more north is only along a channel. the both routes meet
in next day somwhere before havelberg. but it might no go so well wth
the mauerradeg in berlin.) 

I called with the accommodation from 22.7 and the very friendly woman
to whom I spoke on the phone said: "my husband isn't really the sporty
type, but he asked if we were coming with a group of 65+ people!" she
wanted us to believe that it really isn't so far from Berlin..., I have
the agreement that we can come one day earlier to the green house in

22.7 (maybe21.7 aswell) Senzke - Kamern gruenes haus kamern FIXED:)

0049 39382/41935 
Grünes Haus 
im Elb-Havel-Winkel 
Seeweg 4 
39524 Kamern 
Telefon: 039382/41935 

2 euro per person 
camping, lake&beach , showers, kitchen(only when the weather is really
we can make a fire for cooking. 

23.7 Kamern - warenberg 

am elbdeich 68 
39615 warenberg 
Telefon: 03 93 97/ 41 55-2 
Fax: 03 93 97/ 41 55-6 

also camping, solar showers, 2 euro 

24.7 Warenberg - Lenzen FIXED:) 
An Eco-Castle from BUND, (Friends of the Earth Germany) 
Burg Lenzen: 
Burg Lenzen, Burgstraße 3, 19309 Lenzen (Elbe), 
Tel.: 038792 - 1221 or 038792 - 7245, 
2 euro per person 

25.7 lenzen- Sommercamp in Wendland (Gedelitz): 25.7- 27.7 
We have to use the elbe ferry and than go through small villages. 
when in gedelitz it should not be difficult to find. We will make
On a meadow in Gedelitz by Gorleben the Summercamp is taking place. 
Themes fromthe left Spektrums there are good vertreten, podiums
Discussions, workshops, Dancing laughing, activism, eating vegetables,
sunbathing or letting it rain on you and much more are on the planning 

27.7 Gedelitz - Lüneburg (more than 70km) 

28.7 Lüneburg - Gipse 
the Projektwerkstatt Gipse organised a sleeping possibility in a gym. 
Vor Ort there is a active group against the building from the planned A
39, there is the possibility to make action with them. 

Projektwerkstatt Gipse 

Alter Gipsofen 
Beim Kalkberg 7 
21339 Lüneburg 
Tel. : 04131/683936 

29.7 Schneverdingen 
Ist nach wie vor noch nicht klar 

30.7 Zeven, Biobauernhof (organic farm) 
Bauernhof (Bio-farm) with sleeping and Shower possibility. 
Because we can sleep there almost for free, it would look nice if we
would help him on arival with some work. 
Hof an der Aue 

Volker Linau 
Hof an der Aue 
27404 Zeven 

31.7- 2.8 Bremen - Wagenburg 

Sleeping in Wagenburg 
The people in Wagenburg plan during this time their summerfest. 
Actions with the theme Coffee, Fair Trade, maybe coffee-mobil

Oldenburg 2.8- 3.8 

Auch noch nicht klar/ not ready. 

Cloppenburg 3.8- 4.8 

Sorry, aber auch noch nichts/ sorry nothing too. 

DAMME 4.8-5.8 ??????????????? 

Bippen 5.8.- 6.8 

In Bippen there is a renovated old farm which serves as
Umweltbildungszentrum (nature centre) 
on this farm there is a stone-oven where we can make bread ourselves and
more posibilities to relax and chillen 

Umweltbildungszentrum Kuhlhoff Bippen e. V. 
RUZ Osnabrücker Nordland 

Berger Straße 8 
49626 Bippen 
Tel. 05435 2821 

Nordhorn 6.8 - 7.8 

sleeping in a monastery (kloster), maybe. 
Enjoying the atmosphere and gathering power for the last kilometers. 

Büro für Gesellschaftsdiakonie 

Ootmarsumer Weg 4 
48527 Nordhorn 
Tel. 059218802 36 

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