The Bread & Water Tour aka Ecotopia Biketour 2004 is a 6 week project for everyone interested in do-it-yourself "diy" environmentalism, culture, nature, community life, cycling and generally being cool this summer - just the opposite of the all-inclusive flight to the beach. We will not offer any beaches, blue water, entertainers or cocktail-nights at the hotel bar, but go for the pure basic form of travelling: sleeping on the ground, eating food prepared on camp fires and meeting people, who are not paid a lot to be friendly to you. Moving all our stuff by sheer muscle power, we will create an eco-mobile community building up strong connections between participants coming from different scenes and groups as well as between them and our hosts. While the whole tour is an action demonstrating that less is more, we will have actions on specific themes suggested by the places we visit. Starting in Vienna on the first of July with a car-de(con)struction-action this years highlights might be the visit to the "Towards Carfree Cities Conference" tcfc IV in Berlin, the Wendland Sommercamp in Gedelitz and certainly the arrival at Ecotopia in Gornichem (NL). There will also be a branch from Berlin to the European Bike Messenger Championchips ECMC 2004 in Warsaw.
Important notice: 
Contacts during the tour:
Austria (from abroad): 00 43 699 111 63794
Austria (from Austria): 06 99 111 63794
Czech Republic: (00 420) 777 687 926

  Last updated 4 July 2004