Biketour in Oslo

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In the beginning of August, the Biketour stayed in Oslo for 4 full days. It was half-time for the tour, and more than half of the group left, but the same amount of people joined. We stayed at Blitzhuset, a famous anti-fascist squat and social centre.

Blitzhuset is open as a volunteer-run vegan café almost every day, and the money earned is donated to political groups in different parts of the world. There is also a big hall with a stage where concerts happen almost every week (outside of the summer holidays). The upper floors are used for different projects such as an anarchist infoshop and RadiOrakel, the world’s oldest feminist radio.


Not many communal Biketour activities happened in Oslo due to people leaving and new people joining every day. Also, 9 continuous days on the road in the middle of nowhere were awaiting us (because one project in between canceled on us), so many people needed to do some stuff in the city and to fix their bikes.

One workshop about “Labels and Identity” and one about bicycle gears happened.

Dumpster-diving was quite difficult in the city. The closest suitable bins were at least 5 km away, with a lot of uphill in between.

On the last day we organised a Critical Mass through the city together with some people from Blitzhuset, and afterwards invited people for a Biketour info talk and some common bike-fixing.



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