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29.08.06 00:30

Afterbiketour at an island offered

Kind people who run a summer camp on island Solta offered Biketour people to stay there some days,...

29.08.06 00:15

Now we have a baby trailer

We accepted a new challenge: babies travel with Biketour for last 10 days! But one mother with a...

25.08.06 16:10

Hungarian updates

Biketour is now testing the flatness of Hungary! Contact phone number has changed.

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biketour 2006
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bike it yourself tour/ecotopia biketour 2006

Bike it yourself to ecotopia and celebrate the world carfree day in croatia!

We have been so busy organizing it, that we almost forgot to tell you – ecotopia biketour is happening again this summer! For the first time in our 16th years history, we will not end the biketour in ecotopia camp, but continue on cycling to celebrate the world carfree day in croatia. Biketour this year is going to be quite long, but you are invited to join and leave our clumsy and joyful group whenever you want.

We will start our "bike it yourself tour" on 18th of june in šiauliai, lithuania and it will take us 7 weeks of cycling through Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia to reach ecotopia camp in zajezova, beautiful place in the mountains of Slovakia. We will stay at the ecotopia gathering for 2 weeks and then continue the biketour for another 4 weeks full of cycling, international exchanges and environmental actions through Hungary, Slovenia, ending in Croatia on 22nd of September. You can really bike it yourself – all the way from lithuania to croatia!

Come and join us on the diy street party in Lithuania, participate in anti-via baltica highway protest in Poland, harvest yourself veggies in ecofarm in Slovakia and join dozens of workshops on art activism in ecotopia! Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia will also offer great actions, beautiful campsites and great interaction with local groups. Look at for more details about this celebration of sustainable transportation and lifestyle.

How to take part? First you have to fill out in the application form which can be found at Those people who need visa for the countries we travel through will receive as much help as possible from the biketour organisers. Each person pays a participation fee of about 15 eco per day (check: for more info on ecorates). This fee covers everything - organisational effort, various events, actions, workshops, three meals a day and a place to put your tent.


To get further information about newest route drafts, how to apply, the costs etc. just have a look here


Ecotopia gathering

Ecotopia, 4th-20th August, Slovakia

This year, Ecotopia invites you to the mountains of Slovakia. It will take place in a rural community Zajezova, - a playground for those interested in forms of alternative living, traditional crafts and permaculture.

The content is completely determined by the participants themselves. This year, the main theme is Art and Activism and we expect a lot of workshops to be around creative dissent.

Bring your ideas, plans, campaigns, creativity and your tent..

Register as a participant and give a workshop.

Last updated: Tuesday, June 06/2006