Before you register for this DIY biketour, please read carefully and agree to the following articles, so that you will get a better understanding of what to expect and what's expected from you, when you want to join 6 weeks of a self-organising eco-mobile community - part time or the whole way.
To make it work you as a participant will have to:

  • arrange your own bike and sleeping equipment
  • pay the participation fee (~15 eco/day)
  • volunteer for all tasks and aspects concerning the Biketour
  • speak basic English or arrange a translator in the group before you come
  • participate in the daily meetings
  • enjoy vegan/vegetarian food
  • arrange valid travel documents, extra money and medical insurance.
  • act environmentally aware

Therefore the biketour will provide :

  • accommodation: a place to put up your tent or place sleeping mat and -bag
  • food: breakfast, lunch and dinner,
  • route: a map for a suggested tested route to the next sleeping place
  • daily meetings: travelling in a community practicing consensus-based decision-making
  • campaigning: the chance to join local people and groups in their struggles
  • fame: coverage in several newspapers, tv-stations and radio programmes in 4 European countries
  • fun: bread and water rules !

note that all this depends on the input of the participants, no organisers doing these things for you.
if you agree to this, say loud and clearly "Yes I do!" and proceed to registration.txt, which we expect you to send in 'til 15.6. at the latest. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions or need help with visas or the participation fee.

  Last updated 16 June 2004