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About Ecotopia Biketour

Ecotopia Biketour is a several weeks project for everyone interested in do-it-yourself "diy" environmentalism, culture, nature, community life, cycling and generally being cool this summer - just the opposite of the all-inclusive flight to the beach. We will not offer any beaches, blue water, entertainers or cocktail-nights at the hotel bar, but go for the pure basic form of travelling: sleeping on the ground, eating food prepared on camp fires and meeting people, who are not paid a lot to be friendly to you.

Moving all our stuff by sheer muscle power, we will create an eco-mobile community building up strong connections between participants coming from different scenes and groups as well as between them and our hosts. While the whole tour is an action demonstrating that less is more, we will have actions on specific themes suggested by the places we visit. The main slogan of this year's biketour is "bike it yourself" - with this we want to show that you can really do many things yourself - repair a bike, cook a meal for 50 people, organize and action and even cycle all the way from Lithuania to Croatia!

Further on biketour we try to live in a faire, sustainable community. That means, that everyone is included in a certain way. Each day some tasks like preparing food, taking trailers, cleaning up dishes etc. are distributed among participating people. Sounds like a strong structure, but its not like that at all! Its easy going folks! A very nicemeans to live in a fair community are so called eco-rates. Have a look in the FAQ to find out more about it. Except that, we try to live vegetarian/vegan. Not all participants are vegetraians or vegans, but anyway, there is no meat on biketour. Please have a look in the information section, to get a better impression.

Last updated: Saturday, June 03/2006